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Cocktail and wine menu at Ducksoup

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 Ducksoup Drinks

We change our wines weekly and so our wine list isn't online - we open different bottles every week and make them available by the glass to  bring you something new and interesting to try.  We also have a cellar board with a collection of some of our favourites, you can regularly see what we're drinking on our instagram @ducksoupsoho or scroll down to see a selection of favourites from this week. 



Cheekee Wah Wah
Americano, suze + soda £6

Shiso gin soda
Green Japanese shiso leaf, gin, lime & soda £8.5

Redcurrant Pisco Sour
Cold infused reducrrant drinking vinegar, pisco, lemon & egg white £9.50

Blackberry and Blackcurrant Oregano Rum
Cold-infused blackberry and blackcurrant drinking vinegar, white rum, mezcal & fresh oregano £9

Soft Drinks

Drinking vinegars £4.25:

Raspberry / Burlat cherry 'cola' / Watermelon / Blackcurrant / Redcurrant / Blackberry & blackcurrant