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Christmas holiday opening times.
to Jan 3

Christmas holiday opening times.

We will be open right up until Christmas eve where we will be taking short break to enjoy some festivities and merriment.

our last day will be Sunday 23rd for lunch. we will re-open for a few days between Christmas & New year.

Open as normal 28,29 &Sunday 30th lunch with a full return in 2019 on Wednesday 2nd January.

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Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit (author of Flavour Thesaurus) 30th September
12:00 PM12:00

Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit (author of Flavour Thesaurus) 30th September

We're hugely excited to be hosting a Sunday lunch with the award-winning cookery writer Niki Segnit to celebrate her new book Lateral Cooking on 30th September from 12 noon.  We'll be serving a five course menu, based on recipes from Niki's new book and Niki will be here to talk about her cookery writing and latest tome. Tickets in advance, £45 per person (not including wine). 

Niki Segnit is author of the best-selling Flavour Thesaurus, a book that had an enormous impact on the way that many of us cook today, freeing us up to make our own decisions about pairing different flavours in our cooking.   Lateral Cooking is set to do the same, a companion to her debut, focussing on method rather than flavour. Ten years in the making Lateral Cooking, grew out of experiments with flavour combinations that went into her bestselling debut. Testing hundreds of flavour pairings required Segnit to strip recipes down to their basic formulae.  In the book Niki explores 12 basic culinary categories: Bread; Cornbread, Polenta & Gnocchi; Batter; Roux; Stock, Soup & Stew; Pastry; Nuts; Cake & Biscuits; Chocolate; Sugar; Custard; and finally Sauce. The recipes are then arranged on a continuum, with Segnit explaining how each are related to each other through a shared culinary DNA, showing how with just a tweak of an ingredient or technique, one dish leads to another. By exploring the family relations between dishes, Segnit shows how nailing the daily loaf, will make brioche feel less of a challenge, and that anyone who can make a good, homely bread-and-butter pudding can make a refined crème brûlée. 

Tickets cost £45 per person, reservations in advance here.



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Sunday Sessions - Diana Henry
12:00 PM12:00

Sunday Sessions - Diana Henry

We are particularly happy to announce the the brilliant food-writer and cook Diana Henry will be joining us for a one of lunch here at the restaurant to celebrate her exquisite new book How to Eat a Peach.  She will be here on Sunday 20th May talking about her memories in food and we'll be cooking and serving a menu from this delightful new book.


Spinach & ricotta gnudi
Leg of lamb stuffed with lemon & many herbs
Sarassou | Broad beans with lettuce, shallots & mint
Pink grapefruit & basil ice cream

Tickets in advance at £45 per person.  Book early to avoid disappointment.  Email direct or ring 020 7287 4599

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to Dec 25

Little Duck | The Picklery

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The Picklery is now open and you can find us at 68 Dalston Lane, E8 3AH.  We'll be open from 9am everyday for coffee and breakfast, followed by lunch, wine and dinner. 

Throughout the day we'll be busy fermenting and pickling - our house-made goods are all available for you to take-away.  You can buy by the gram or ready-jarred. 

Visit us at for more information on what we do and our workshops or ring 02072 499177

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to Jan 29

Fermenting Workhops

If you're interested in the art of fermentation - we run a series of workshops in our restaurant, Rawduck in Hackney.  The fermentation workshop focuses on preserved foods both fermented and pickled.  We'll show you how to make and eat simple fermented foods at home from krauts and kimchi to preserved fruits and quick or sweet pickles.  The second workshop looks at fermented drinks.  Here you will learn how to make successful kombucha, kefir waters and fruit shrubs as drinking vinegars at home. 

Places cost £35 each and are limited to 8 per workshop.  We'll also make a kimchi together and taste a range of aged ferments so that you get a feel for the different stages allowing you to become more confident in home-fermenting.  

Our next classes are 15th January for Fermenting and Pickling & 29th January for  Kombucha.

To book please email direct

Places cost £35 per person and start at 7pm (7-8.45pm)



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12:00 AM00:00

Sunday Sessions - Brickhouse Bakery

On Sunday's we often invite a food writer, cook or someone from the world of food whose work we admire and respect to come and cook a sharing feast with us.   We're were delighted to share in some of the wonderful recipes and stories from Olia Hercules in her new book Kaukasis not so long ago and we have some other great people coming up.



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