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A Thousand Decisions Wine Course

our wonderful friends Jon Passmore + Heidi Nam Knudsen will be hosting their up coming wine course downstairs at Ducksoup. the dates are Tuesday 21/28 May, 4/11 June 7pm -10pm with wine maker Trish Nelson (Gazzetta, Lake Bolsena) and Peter Honegger from Newcomer Wines.

should you wish to join just follow the link:

‘Our intention with this course is to dig deeper and go behind the labels and buzzwords.

It’s a course on wine making and all the decisions a winemaker makes to guide the grapes

from the vines and into the bottle, but it is also a course on why Organic farming matters

and the devastating effects monoculture has on our natural world.

It’s a course on transparency in wine and how our choices when buying and drinking wine

can make a real difference. As consumers and wine drinkers we can put pressure on the big

supermarkets and influence government policies.

It’s about trying to find a different way to connect with wine that isn’t about a technical


It’s about welcoming and including anyone with an interest in the provenance of the wine

they drink and showing them there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to wine


Above all it’s a course on how everything is connected and a celebration of wines made with

the health of Mother Nature in mind.’

Who we are:

Jon Passmore + Heidi Nam Knudsen.

We met at Ottolenghi where Heidi was the group wine buyer and NOPI GM.

Jon was GM at Ottolenghi Islington and together we ended up running the wine training for

the whole group.

We started A Thousand Decisions because we both wanted to learn more about soil health

in vineyards, wine making decisions and transparency in wine, but we couldn’t find any

courses that covered these areas.

We are both passionate about organic agriculture and making consumers connect with wine

as an agricultural product.

It’s a cliché, however, we both completely believe that knowledge is power and it is evident

that being an informed consumer is more important than ever.

Next course:

Tuesday 21/28 May, 4/11 June 7pm -10pm Duck Soup Soho with wine maker Trish Nelson

(Gazzetta, Lake Bolsena) and Peter Honegger from Newcomer Wines.

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