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Ducksoup Menu

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DUcksoup MENU


Sourdough bread & butter £2.5

Market pickles £3.5

Giarraffa olives £4

Labneh, dukkah & olive oil £5

Salsiccia stagionata £7

A plate of lonza £10

Oysters.  Lindisfarne, Northumberland.  £2.75 Ea.  £15 half dozen.





Masala spiced fine bean fritters, curry leaves & garlic yoghurt £8.50

Baked borlotti beans, ricotta Fresca, lemon & mint £8.50

Salted Cucumber & crab mayonnaise £9

Tenerumi, orzo, anchovy & chilli £9

Chickpeas, tomato, bone marrow parsley £9.50

Grilled pork shin, salted cheese & corno pepper £9.50

Salt cod, novella potato, margherita onion, parsley & dill £9.50

Malenca, white peach, mozzarella & basil £14.50


Pea, mint & fresh shallot risotto £16

Skate wing, friggitelli pepper, fregola & bay £18.50

Lamb ragu & vermicelli £19.50

Rare hanger steak, piatonne beans, pecorino & marjoram £20.50


Fried Cornish mids & wild garlic aioli £4.50

Endive, grapefruit & pistachio £4.50

rougette lettuce, apricot & toasted spelt £4.50


Cheese & Pudding

Chabichou du Poitou with rye crispbread & fennel jam  £6.50

Ogleshield with oat biscuits & rhubarb chutney £6.50

World Peace £2.50

Lemon verbena spelt pudding, garriguette strawberries & hazelnuts £6.50

chocolate, cherry & almond tart, creme fraiche £7

poached Peaches, ginger ice cream & rye crumbs £6.50





Weekly LUNCH Specials

All lunch specials come with a glass of wine for £10

Monday: Roast margherita onions & chickpeas, mint & salted cheese

Tuesday: Pork rib chop, roast radishes coriander & almond

Wednesday: Fried plaice, potato, buttermilk & dill

Thursday: Braised chicken, arborio rice, lemon & summer savory

Friday: Grilled mackerel, grapefruit, watercress & horseradish 


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 Private Hire & Ducksoup OuTside catering

Our downstairs bar and restaurant is available for private hire.  It's like upstairs only down with room for 34 around the bar and at tables. We offer a 'friends and family' menu for such occasions which is priced at £35 per head (not including wine).

We also do event catering and can come and cook outside of our four walls.  To enquire please call the restaurant or email us here at