Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit (author of Flavour Thesaurus)
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Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit (author of Flavour Thesaurus)

We've hugely excited to be hosting a Sunday lunch with the award-winning cookery writer Niki Segnit to celebrate her new book Lateral Cooking on 30th September from 12 noon.  We'll be serving a five course menu, based on recipes from Niki's new book and Niki will be here to talk about her cookery writing and latest tome. Tickets in advance, £42 per person (not including wine). 

Niki Segnit is author of the best-selling Flavour Thesaurus, a book that had an enormous impact on the way that many of us cook today, freeing us up to make our own decisions about pairing different flavours in our cooking.   Lateral Cooking is set to do the same, a companion to her debut, focussing on method rather than flavour. Ten years in the making Lateral Cooking, grew out of experiments with flavour combinations that went into her bestselling debut. Testing hundreds of flavour pairings required Segnit to strip recipes down to their basic formulae.  In the book Niki explores 12 basic culinary categories: Bread; Cornbread, Polenta & Gnocchi; Batter; Roux; Stock, Soup & Stew; Pastry; Nuts; Cake & Biscuits; Chocolate; Sugar; Custard; and finally Sauce. The recipes are then arranged on a continuum, with Segnit explaining how each are related to each other through a shared culinary DNA, showing how with just a tweak of an ingredient or technique, one dish leads to another. By exploring the family relations between dishes, Segnit shows how nailing the daily loaf, will make brioche feel less of a challenge, and that anyone who can make a good, homely bread-and-butter pudding can make a refined crème brûlée. 

Tickets cost £42 per person, reservations in advance here.




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